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How to replace a camera on an apex recorder

To replace a camera on an Apex system
  • Disable the old camera.
    • Go into the Setup menu
    • Select the “Cameras” option on the side menu
    • Find the camera to replace
    • Select the camera
    • Change the state of the camera from Enabled to Disabled.
  • Add the replacement camera to the recorder. Instructions for how to add cameras can be found here.
  • Merge the old camera into the other.
    • This ties the old footage in with the new camera.
  • Select the new camera profile and click the “Associate Camera” button.clipboard_e017cf71ad50d7537e59b6f3119fc4f85.pngclipboard_e776355034592f324553cb72b66068c9e.png
  • On the Associate Camera page for “Merge this camera” select the new camera you just added selected.
  • Select the original camera that is disabled under the “Into this camera” field.
  • If you have recordings from the new camera that overlap with the camera you are replacing, you can check the “Save current recorded video for this camera”.
    • This will generate a new disabled camera entry that will have all the recorded video from that new camera before we merged it.
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