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How Do I Extend a Camera Past 300ft?


The max length of an Ethernet cable is 300 feet. If you need to go past this distance you will need a device to repeat the signal and power. This can be done with a PoE injector or a PoE switch.

A PoE injector will be a more cost-effective option but can only be used with one camera. If you are running multiple cameras past 300 feet, it would be advised to use a PoE switch. With a PoE switch, you can run one cable from your recorder to the switch, then connect the cameras to the PoE switch.

A few cameras (usually PTZ cameras with heaters) require more power than what a standard PoE port can produce. These cameras require a PoE+ switch or injector.

  • Pro Tip: Avoid running the cable next to anything that can emit EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). EMI can be emitted by transformers and electric motors. A few examples are fluorescent light ballasts, air compressors, power adapters, and generators.
Extending The Cable Run
  • Research and obtain a PoE power injector or PoE switch.
  • Plug a Cat 5e cable into the camera port on the recorder (This should be no longer than 300 feet).
    • Plug the other end into the Port that is labeled "IN" on the injector or uplink port on the PoE switch.
      • Some switches may not have an uplink port. In that case, you can use any port.
  • Plug another cable into the camera.
    • Plug it into the port labeled "OUT" on the Injector or camera port on the switch (This should be no longer than 300 feet).

Below are some sample pictures of a PoE injector and PoE switch.

PoE Injector


PoE Switch


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