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Cloud Camera System Settings


Cloud Camera Support Narrow.png

View metrics, reboot or reset the camera, or view logs in the Support tab. 

Reboot Camera – Reboot your camera. Video will not be recorded while the camera is rebooting.

Partial Reset – Retain Web Services account information and Network Settings while reverting all other settings to factory defaults.

Device Application Logs – Download application logs for support purposes.

Software Updates

Cloud Camera Software Updates.png

If a software update is available, the Version available will be listed. Click Release Notes to view what is included in the available version. Click Install to update software.

Device System Logs

Cloud Camera Device System Logs Level.png

By default the Device System Logs are sorted chronologically by the Timestamp column on the left. You can also sort based on any of the other columns. For example, if you are looking for when the camera was updated with a new software version, sort by the Event Type column and look through the Software Version entries.

Click on Show Filters in the upper right-hand corner to perform a search of the system logs by Level, Description, Category, Event Type, or by Date/Time. Click Apply.

Cloud Camera Device System Logs Filter dropdown.png

General Information

Cloud Camera General Information.png

Camera Name: Customizable camera name, seen on the device list and in the Live Screen

Camera ID (Custom): Enter a customizable camera ID to replace the default

Device Information

Model: Model of the camera

Serial Number: Serial Number of the device

MAC Address: Displays the MAC address of the IP device

Camera ID: Camera ID is used for 3rd party integration

Software Version: Software version currently installed on the device

Firmware Version: Firmware version currently installed on the device

Camera Image

Update Camera Image: Update the reference image for this camera to the current live view.

Export Signing Certificate

View details of the Export Signing Certificate: Version, Issuer, Subject, Settings, Expires, and Thumbprint.

Clicking Delete will also delete all associated events and alerts.

Use the Move dropdown to move the recorder to a Different Location or a Different Account.

Move button.png

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