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NVR Redeployment After a Repair RMA

Part of the QC process for repairs entails wiping the unit. Regardless of the initial issue, the recorder must pass a series of stress tests to verify the health of the recorder. Once you have received the unit back from repairs, follow the below guide to restore functionality.

  1. Setup the hardware. Ensure the unit is properly hooked back up to power, peripherals, network, and cameras.

  2. The unit will be re-imaged when received from repairs. Setup the recorder as follows: OWS Setup Wizard
    Apex First Time Wizard-1.png

  3. Ensure the recorder is online by checking the Troubleshooting Network Diagnostics.
    image2 (1).png

  4. A Configuration file from OWS is needed to restore cameras. Follow this FAQ for instructions on finding, downloading, and importing a configuration file: Apex Configuration File - Best Practices

  5. Register the recorder to web services if needed: Registering a Recorder to an OWS Account

  6. The recorder should be online and functional. Be sure to check through the options to ensure everything is installed properly.

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