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Common RMA Issues and How to Avoid Them

There are a few common missteps when dealing with RMAs that may cause unnecessary delays in receiving your items.

Incomplete paperwork is probably the most common reason for delays in the RMA process. To avoid this, make sure you are paying attention to the top of the page in the RMA portal while filling out your paperwork. If you see any yellow caution signs or red X’s, you have missed a step and you will not be able to finalize your paperwork and your items will not be shipped out.





With that said, the next most common misstep with RMA’s is selecting the wrong payment type. Choosing the wrong payment type will also lead to delays in receiving your items. To avoid this step, please review our FAQ article linked below and ensure you are choosing the most suitable one.

What types of payments can I provide for my RMA security deposit?

Another very common misstep is leaving the RMA agreement unsigned. With an advanced replacement RMA, this is simply a matter of missing a step in the RMA paperwork before finalizing and would result in incomplete paperwork as mentioned above. However, in the event of a repair RMA, repairs will not begin until the RMA agreement is signed. This includes situations where you have already sent the unit to us but have not signed the agreement. For more information on this please reference the below FAQ article:

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