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OpenEye Web Services Mobile Browser Event Search

The OpenEye Web Services (OWS) Mobile Browser allows users to search for cloud-based events in a centralized platform across multiple recorders, and input additional event information to further refine their searches, leading to improved event data searching and alerting.

NOTE: OpenEye Web Mobile Browser is currently compatible with Android and in the web browser.

Event Search in Mobile Browser

OWS Mobile Timeline Search.png


Date / Time Picker - Use to designate a date and time to search recorded video. Clicking on the date and time will display a calendar that can be used to display video from a specific date and time.

Go Live -  Indicates video status (either live or searchable video). Click Go Live Button.png to change between video search and live video.

Timeline - Continuous recording is represented by dark blue lines on the Timeline Search bar, with light blue lines on the Timeline Search bar representing Motion events.

Zoom - Zoom in and out to adjust the time range and timeline.

Zoom Times.png

Only play video of events - Click to play events only. Play Video Events Only.png

Playback Speed – Control the speed of video playback. Move the cursor over Playback Speed to display the controls. Mobile Browser Playback Speed.png

Mobile Browser Play Speeds.png

Skip Backward – Move to the previous frame of recorded video.

Play Backward – Play recorded video backward.

Pause – Pause video playback (while video is playing).

Play Forward – Play recorded video forward.

Skip Forward – Move to the next frame of recorded video.

Audio – Click to mute or play audio. Mobile Browser Audio.png

OWS Mobile Browser Menus.png

Cameras Click to select cameras.

Display Click to change the grid display of cameras.

Search Click to perform an Event Search.

Export  Click to export a video clip.

More  Click for more menu items.


Use search to perform an event search type. See Event Search in the Video Player for more information on the individual searches.

OWS Mobile Search Types.png

Supported Event Types

OWS Mobile License Plate Search.png

  1. Select a Date / Time from the dropdown. If you select Custom Range, enter a Start Date / Time and End Date / Time in the fields, or click the calendar Event Search Calendar button.png and set Start and End Date / Time.
  2. From the Duration dropdown, select greater than > or less than <
  3. Enter numerical values for hr : min : sec or click the up and down arrows to increase or decrease the Duration. Duration arrows.png
  4. Select Cameras from the dropdown or click Search Cameras Search Cameras button.png to select from a list of cameras.

OWS Mobile Select Cameras.png

NOTE: If you don't see your camera on the list, enable Show All Cameras. Event Search Show All Cameras.png 

  1. Click Search to to display the list of Events that match the search criteria. Click Reset search filters to start over with a new search.

Reset and Search.png


View search results in Thumbnail or Full View.

OWS Mobile Person Detected Thumbnail.png OWS Mobile Person Detected Full View.png

Click on a result to view Details and playback video.

OWS Mobile Person Detected Details.png


Videos can be exported from the playback or timeline search screen. See Export Video for more information.

OWS Mobile Single Camera Video Export.png


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