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Live and Search in Console

Live View in Console

To set console to automatically log-in to Live, select that option within the Console System Settings.

Console Live Camera View Pane Callouts.png

Live View - Click to view a camera or cameras live on-screen.

Search View - Click to search through recorded video on the camera or cameras displayed on-screen.

Viewing Pane - The display area for the currently selected camera or cameras.

On-Screen Display Dropdown Menu - Right-click a viewing pane to view and choose options for that camera:

OSD - Show or hide On-Screen Display.

Recorder Date - Show or hide Recorder Date.

360 View Mode - Change display and controls for 360 View on compatible cameras. For more information, view Fisheye Cameras.

  • Interactive - Interactive mode enables the camera view to be moved similar to a PTZ camera.
  • 360° Panorama - 360 Panorama displays the camera as if the lens was in the center of the area of focus and spun in a circle. This option is useful if the primary focus are along the edges of the fisheye view as it will display that video clearly for the full 360° degrees in a full pane.
  • 2 x 180° Panorama -  2 x 180° Panorama is similar to 360° Panorama, but displays one side of the display on top of the pane and another side of the display on the bottom of the pane. 
  • Original - Displays the original fisheye view of the camera.

User Dropdown Menu - Click and choose:

Preferences - Change user password.

Log Off - Log current user off of the console.

Setup - Click to go to camera and recorder options.

Virtual Keyboard - Click to use the on-screen Virtual Keyboard.

Help / About - Click and choose:

Help - View a Quick Help guide for the recorder.

About - View software and image versions.

Sequence / Grid / View - Click to change Sequence, Grid or View options.

Console Live View Sequence Grid View-01.png

Sequence - Click Enable or Disable and set a Duration for the Viewing Pane to Auto-sequence through cameras views. 

Grid - Click to change the camera grid display in the Live and Search screens.

View - Click to change the aspect ratio or choose between Original view and Stretch view.

Search View in Console

Conosle Search View Pane Callouts.png

Camera List - Click a camera name to display in the Viewing Pane.

Playback Speed - Adjusts video playback speed.

Search Playback Controls:

Skip Backward - Move to the previous frame of recorded video.

Play Backward - Play recorded video backward.

Pause - Pause video playback.

Play Forward - Play recorded video forward.

Skip Forward - Move to the next frame of recorded video.

Export - Export from Console recorded video as seen in the current search playback. 

Date / Time - Displays the date and time of the recorded video. Click to select recorded video from a calendar.

Grid - Click to change the camera grid display in the Live and Search screens. To allow for paging through blank grids in Console Search, see Console System Settings.

View - Click to change the aspect ratio or choose between Original view and Stretch view.

NOTE: Console is available on Linux appliances only.

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