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Client Notifications


When an event occurs, an icon Client Notification Icon.pngwill appear in the upper right-hand corner of the Command Station screen. Click on the icon to view notifications.

View Notification.png

The Notification lists alert name, recorder name, camera name, date, time, and account.

Thumbnail Image.png

Hover over the thumbnail image to see a larger preview.

View Live - Open the camera associated with the notification in a new Live tab.

View Playback - Open the camera associated with the camera in a new Timeline Search tab.

Alert Details - Alert Details opens a new tab that provides a full screen image and lists information on the event. The Acknowledgment State can be changed, Notes can be added, and Related Events can also be viewed in Alert Details.

Client Notification Motion Detected.png

View Live – View Live opens a full screen of the camera that captured the event in a new tab.

View Notification Live.png

View Playback – View Playback opens Search at the time of the event in a new tab.

View Notification Playback.png

NOTE: Notifications will flash on the application in the task bar and show the notification count even when the application is minimized. CS Minimized Taksbar Notification.png

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