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OE-MV Hardware Manual - Features and Contents

Important Safeguards


Product Description

Controls and Connections


Power, Status and Network Lights

Box Contents

Recorder Installation

Important Safeguards

View Important Safeguards before installing the recorder.


View the Product Warranty for the recorder.

Product Description

The OpenEye MV-Series is a compact and cost-effective cloud-managed video recording appliance with an optional integrated PoE switch for single cable IP camera installation. MV-Series appliances support up to a maximum of 24 recording channels per appliance, and a maximum 100Mbps of recording throughput. Models are available with 8 or 16 integrated PoE ports, or customers can choose their own switch hardware and select the non-PoE model with dedicated camera NIC. The MV-Series is ideal for installations where users want an added layer of security, or want to limit the impact of IP video bandwidth on their primary network by isolating cameras to the integrated PoE switch or dedicated camera NIC on non-PoE models. MV-Series appliances with integrated PoE ports allow users to view per port diagnostics and power consumption, as well as power cycle ports for remote troubleshooting before a site visit. NDAA compliant with up to 20TB of internal storage, the MV-Series features a sleek, low profile 1U chassis with optional rack mounts, and is capable of supporting up to 24 channels of recorded video per system.

Controls and Connections
MV-Series Front Panel

OE-MV Front Panel.png

MVX-Series Rear Panel

OE-MVX Back Panel.png

MVX08/16-Series Rear Panel

OE-MV0816-Series Rear Panel.png


OpenEye MV-Series appliances include the following features:

  • Optional Built-in PoE switch
  • Compact Chassis
  • Dedicated OS Drive
  • 2-Drive Capacity up to 20TB
  • Recording rate up to 100Mbps
  • Quiet Operation Suitable for Office Installations
  • Rack Mountable
  • NDAA Compliant
Power, Status and Network Lights

When properly connected to a power source, the LED lights indicate the state of the appliance:

OE-MV Power Off.png

Power LED Status: Off

System Status: Booting or Powered OFF
OE-MV Power On.png

Power LED Status: Solid Green

System Status: Powered On
OE-MV Status Off.png

Status LED Status: Off

System Status: Local Network Connection not detected
OE-MV Status Blink.png

Status LED Status: Blinking Red

System Status: Local Network Connection detected but unable to reach OWS
OE-MV Status Solid.png

Status LED Status: Solid Green

System Status: Successfully connected to OWS
OE-MV Network Off.png

Network LED Status: Off

System Status: Client Uplink Inactive
OE-MV Network Blink.png

Network LED Status: Blinking Green

System Status: Client Uplink Active
Box Contents

OE-MV Series Appliance.png

OE-MV Series Appliance

OE-ME Contents Power Cord.jpg

Power Cord

ME Contents Mouse.png


OE-ME Contents Rack Mount Installation Kit.png

Rack Mount Installation Kit

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