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Video Analytics

Receive and search events generated by analytics-enabled cameras and devices for real-time alerting and reporting within OpenEye Web Services (OWS).
Configure Analytics

To configure camera analytics:

  1. Connect to a recorder.
  2. Go to Setup Options Gear.png > Cameras under General Configuration and click on the specific camera from the Camera List.
  3. Click on the Analytics tab and check the boxes to enable Motion Detected, Person Detected, Vehicle Detected, Line Crossing Detected, Loitering or Intrusion Detected, or General Analytics for the supported camera.

NOTE: OpenEye edge analytic cameras have analytics enabled by default when added to a recorder.

NOTE: Some Analytic Types may not appear based on your version of Apex Server Software.

Analytics tab Line Crossing and Intrusion.png

OpenEye's Analytics-enabled Camera Line

Learn more about OpenEye's family of analytics-enabled cameras, capable of detecting person, vehicle and line-crossing video events. The AI-equipped cameras are available in multiple form factors and resolutions and combine the analytics capabilities with OpenEye Web Services (OWS) to receive real-time alerts and streamline video event search.

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