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Enabling Person or Vehicle Detection on Hanwha Cameras

To enable Person/Vehicle Detection on Hanwha cameras, you must access the Hanwha camera either directly through the camera IP address or through your recorder and camera setup.

NOTE: These instructions are provided as a courtesy but refer to the user interface on a third-party product and may not be up to date.

How to Navigate to Camera Link on the Recorder
  1. Click Setup (Gear Icon). clipboard_e42c73e33cb1ca77feb3c2c1180c37adc.png
  2. Under General Configuration, navigate to the Cameras menu.
  3. Select a camera by clicking on it.
  4. Click the Image Settings tab.
  5. Click Connect Directly to Camera.

Cameras Setup Image Settings tab.png

Enable Person or Vehicle Detection on the Hanwha Camera
  1. Select the Hanwha camera and on the General tab, click the IP address to open the camera user interface in a new browser window.
  2. In the Hanwha Wisenet UI, click the Setup (gear) icon and then click Analytics on the left-side menu.
  3. Click IVA on the left-side menu and then select the Enable IVA checkbox.


  1. Create either a virtual line or virtual area.
    1. Virtual line
      1. You can have up to 8 different lines and up to 8 dots for each line.
      2. Select either vehicle or person detection and select the crossing direction.
    2. Virtual Area, You can have to 8 areas and up to an 8 sided polygon.
      1. Then select the category that you want the alert to be based off of.
  2. After you set up your analytics, ensure analytics are enabled, and create an Analytics Alert Rule.
Best Practices
  • You can delete a line or area by right-clicking it.
  • You can click on the line to add another point, and you can click the minus to remove a point.

How-to-Enable-Person_Vehicle-Detection-on-Hanwha-cameras6.png How-to-Enable-Person_Vehicle-Detection-on-Hanwha-cameras7.png

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