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Bold Integration Setup Checklist

Integration Checklist Download 


Note: This information will need to be collected during any technical support call and should be readily available. Please download, and complete this checklist before reaching out to technical support. You can email this completed checklist to email or call our support line after the information is noted.

Bold Integration Setup Checklist

Setup Information
  • Apex DVR

    • Apex Software Version

    • OWS License Type

    • Device ID

    • OWS UE or CP ID

  • Bold Manitou Server

    • Bold Manitou version

Setup Checklist
Before Site Visit
  • Ensure recorder license is OWS 24/7 Standard or Higher.

  • Ensure Bold Manitou is enabled in OWS under Management > Integration.

  • Ensure Alert Rule has been created and set to send alerts to Bold Manitou.

  • Ensure you have admin access to Apex recorder for setup.

  • Ensure the user that is  configured in Bold manitou at least has permissions to login with Command Station, as well as View Live Video and Export Video.

  • Ensure Bold Manitou is version 2.1 or newer.

  • We recommend completing any of the below items remotely via OWS.

Action Items
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