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Bold Manitou Integration Instructions

Enable Bold Manitou in OWS
  1. From the Cloud Portal, select the Management tab.
  1. Choose Integrations from the drop-down menu.

EU - Management - Integrations.png

  1. Click on Add New Integration.

EU - Management - Add New Integration.png

  1. Choose Bold Manitou and click Next.

Bold Manitou Add New Integration.png

  1. The bold Manitou Integration will be added to the Manage Integrations list.

Bold Manitou Added.png

  1. Click Edit to enable or diable the Bold Manitou Integration in General Settings.

Bold Manitou General Settings.png

  1. Select Alert Feed for the Bold Manitou Alert Feed URL.

Bold Manitou Alert Feed.png

NOTE: To add the alert feed to Bold, you need to edit the OpenEye.config in the IntegrationGatewayDrivers folder on the Bold server. You would edit the <hostaddress> line to add the URL

Adding a Camera to Bold Manitou
  1. Log in to Manitou as a BoldNet user.
  2. Select the desired site.
  3. Click Systems.
  4. Click Event Monitoring.
  5. Click 1 - Main.
  6. Click Devices.
  7. Click + icon in Devices list.

Bold Device List.png

  1. In Device ID field, enter any desired ID.
  2. In Type field, choose Camera.
  3. In Description field, enter desired Description.
  4. In Zone and Area fields, select an option.
  5. In Address field, enter: ‘
  6. In Video Type field, choose ‘OPENEYE - OpenEye Oscar VCC’
  7. In Options field, enter: ‘camera=’integration_ID’&user=’ows_login_user’&password=’ows_password’&company=’ows_company_id’&device=’ows_device_id’&’
  8. Click Done.

Bold Manitou Add Device.png


Camera: The integration ID from Cameras list on recorder

User: The OWS login user for the recorder

Password: The password for the OWS user

Company: The OWS company ID

Device: The OWS device ID for the recorder

Finding the Integration ID
  1. In OWS, select Management > Recorders > Recorders.
  2. Select recorder to be used and click Edit.
  3. Click Cameras.

Bold Manitou Camera ID.png

Finding the Device ID
  1. In OWS, select Management > Recorders > Recorders.
  2. Select recorder in question and click Edit Button.png.
  3. Click General Info.
  4. The ID can be found under Recorder Device ID.

OWS Recorder List.png

OWS Recorder List General Info.png

Creating an Alert in OWS
  1. Within the Alerts tab in the OWS Cloud Portal, select Alert Rules from the dropdown menu.

Alert Rules dropdown.png

  1. Click Add New Rule.

Add New Rule button.png

  1. Select an Alert Type from the pop-up menu. 

Create Alert Rule Popup List.png

  1. Click Next.

Next Button.png

  1. Name the alert and give it a Description as desired.

Name Alert Rule popup.png

  1. Click Create.

Create button.png

  1. Click Edit Button.png on the created rule in the Alert Rules list.
  2. Check Send to Bold Manitou.

Bold Manitou Rule Definition.png

For more information on configuring alerts, see Alert Types.

Viewing Live Video in Bold
  1. Ensure Manitou Video Control Center is installed.
  2. Log in to Manitou as a Manitou user.
  3. Locate site.
  4. Click Systems > Event Monitoring > 1-Main > Devices.
  5. Click desired camera.
  6. Click Live Video icon.
  7. Video Control Center will launch, and live video will be displayed.

Bold Manitou OpenEye Demo.png

NOTE: If incorrect information is entered into the Options section, you will not get video in Video Control Center. There is no error message saying that the connection information was incorrect.

NOTE: If multiple cameras are added to a zone, all cameras in that zone will appear in Video Control Center when you respond to an alarm.

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