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Understanding the Timeline Bar

NOTE: The images below show search in the web client. For additional information, go to Search in the Web Client.

Viewing the Timeline Bar
  1. Log into the recorder and select Search.
  2. Click and drag a camera from the camera list to the grid.

Recorder Search Tab Camera List.png

  1. Click the camera view to select the camera.
  2. The timeline bar will automatically populate at the bottom of the screen.

Recorder Grid and Timeline Bar.png

If motion events have been captured, the timeline bar will display two colors:

Recorder Dark and Light Blue Timeline Bar.png

  • Dark Blue = Continuous recorded video
    • In most cases this is a lower resolution and frame rate
  • Light Blue = Motion / Event footage
    • In most cases higher resolution and frame rate

NOTE: A third Light Grey color has been introduced to display Motion Event data which indicates that motion occurred but there may not necessarily be recorded video during this time.

Settings for streams for each recording type can be configured in SetupOptions Gear.png

NOTE: Search features may appear different depending on the client being used, but Continuous recorded video and Motion / Event footage will appear the same along the Timeline Bar in each client.

NOTE: The steps above shows the timeline bar in the web client. For more information on the timeline bar in other clients, view the Related Links:

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