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Analog Video Troubleshooting

Analog video is in theory an easier CCTV solution as the cameras only need power and video cables to function. While they lack many features of IP cameras, their simplicity cannot be understated. Troubleshooting Analog cameras does look a bit different from IP Camera troubleshooting.

  • One of the easiest things is to take the NVR/Encoder out of the question. Devices such as a handheld BNC monitor are a great way to ensure that the video signal from the camera is good.
  • As CCTV technology has advanced, more protocols for Analog video have been introduced. Not all NVRs/encoders can talk to all cameras, so be sure to check protocol combability between all devices.
  • If video is streaming, but you see rolling black/gray lines in the video, then you may have a ground loop between the Camera and the NVR/Encoder.
  • If the video is in black & white but should be in color, or the image seems very bright and over exposed, then there may be an issue in the cabling distorting the video signal.
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