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How do I Access and Download the Archive Viewer?

After exporting Archive backups from your system, you will also need the Archive Viewer to play your archived footage.

Download Archive Viewer

To download a copy of this viewer to use, you will want to first connect to and log into your recorder from a web browser. Once connected, you will click the Search button at the top of the screen. From there, select the Export Manager button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen.


In the new screen, you will see a link in the bottom, right-hand area of the screen for Download Archive Viewer. Click this link to download a copy of the archive viewer.


By default, the Archive or Export Viewer will download into your Downloads or the default folder that your web browser uses.

View Archives

To launch the viewer, double click on the .exe file that you downloaded. A new window will appear and allow you to select your archive for playback.

Navigate to the archive .var file, select the file and click Open.

NOTE: The standalone archive viewer will automatically load the latest .var file if located in the same directory.

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