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How Do I Use Object Search in Command Station?

  1. Click the Search button, then select the Object search type.
  2. Draw an Object Search Region in the Preview Window:
  • Left click and drag to create a rectangular Object Search Region.
  • Left click, release, and move to draw a custom polygonal shape one line at a time. Draw and click the last line to the starting point to complete the Object Search Region.
  • Right click to clear a shape.
  1. Under Date / Time, select the Start, End and Sensitivity for the search.
  2. Click Search to apply the filters.

Display As: Details or Thumbnails - Changes the event display results type.

Columns - Changing the number of columns displayed in thumbnail view.

Image Offset - Changes the image offset displayed in thumbnail view.

OSD On - Turns the OSD on or off in thumbnail view.

Best Practice: You can increase the size of the preview by pulling the bar to left.


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