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Beyond Trust

Beyond Trust

Beyond Trust is a 3rd party remote support tool used to gain direct access to a unit in the field. Beyond Trust is advantageous when troubleshooting remotely. Certain features are unavailable in OWS, such as access to the Linux terminal/Windows command prompt or the ability to connect directly to a camera that is not added to the recorder.

If interested, contact Beyond Trust for more details on using their service. Once an account has been created follow the steps below to integrate OWS and your BeyondTrust service.

How to Setup Beyond Trust

To get setup to use Beyond Trust, you will need to email technical support with the following information:

  • The URL of your Beyond Trust server. If you do not currently have a Bomgar server, you will need to visit and investigate which options would work best for your company to get a server up and running.
  • A desired prefix to be used with your OWS Channel Partner account
How to Connect to a Recorder

To use Beyond Trust to establish a direct connection to a recorder, you will need to connect to the recorder and navigate to the setup menu. Click the System Settings option and see Remote Assist Session in the General tab. Enable the remote assist session, generate a session key in your Beyond Trust client, and enter your prefix and session key. Then click Connect.

You can also navigate to the Recorder Management tab in OWS and select the desired recorder. From their, you should have a Support menu option. Enter your prefix and session key here to establish a remote assist session.


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