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Adding a New Customer Account

Create a new Customer Account.
  1. Complete the following steps to create a new Customer Account.
  2. Navigate to Accounts > Customer Accounts in the Channel Partner Portal.
  3. Click Add New Account at the top of the page.
  4. (Optional) Enable Use Global Defaults to create an account with the Global Defaults settings. See Global Defaults section for more details.
  5. Enter an Account Name.
  6. (Optional) Enter an Account ID, City, State/Province, Postal Code, Country, Default Language, Date Format, Time Format and Time Zone.

NOTE: Time Zones are used for Report Reminder Notifications. They will control the local time report emails are sent.

  1. (Optional) Add the first user to the Customer Account by entering the First Name, Last Name, and Email address. An invitation will be sent to that user to join the account. This will add the user as an Administrator of the account.
  2. Click Add Customer Account.
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