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Enable updates to Limited Release Software

Enable the Limited Release option for accounts to allow customers to install the limited release versions of software and get a first look at new features and capabilities.

NOTE: Recorders not registered to OWS cannot install server software updates.

Enable Limited Release Software Installation
  1. Log in to OpenEye Web Services (OWS) at
  2. Go back to the Customer Accounts list and click Manage button.png next to the account that has Limited Release enabled. 
  3. On the Management menu select Recorder Groups.
  4. Add New Recorder Group or Edit an existing one.
  5. Click Software Update Options and enable Allow Recorders to install Limited Release Software, then click Save.

EU Software Update Options.png

NOTE: Software Update Options is only displayed for End Users if software update policies is turned off.

  1. Click Recorders and add recorders permitted to receive Limited Release software.

Recorder Groups Recorders.png

Recorder Groups Add Recorder Popup.png

  1. The recorders added to the Recorder Group now have the ability to install Limited Release software when available. Every six hours (or after a reboot) the recorder will check for software updates. A notice will show up on the recorder when the update is ready to install.
Enable Limited Release Software Installation (Global Defaults Method)

Using Global Defaults you can manage account options from one location and have them apply automatically to each account that has the Global Default option enabled. If you are already using Global Defaults and want to enable Limited Release Software for your accounts you will need to follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Customer Accounts and click Manage next to the account.
  2. Click Account Options and confirm Use Global Defaults is enabled.
  3. Steps 4-9 from the first section are still required for managing Limited Release Software from within the account and Recorder Groups.
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