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Enable Updates to Limited Release Software

Enable the Limited Release option for accounts to allow customers to install the limited release versions of software and get a first look at new features and capabilities.

NOTE: Devices not registered to an OpenEye Web Services (OWS) account cannot install server software updates.

Allow End Users to Manage Software Updates 
  1. Go to Management > User Management > User Groups.

Management User Groups dropdown.png

  1. Click Edit  Edit button.png next to the User Group that will be allowed to Manage Software Updates.
  2. Click Web Services Permissions.

Web Services Permissions User Groups.png

  1. Check Manage Software Updates under Manage Devices.

Web Services Permissions Manage Devices.png

  1. Click Save Changes.
Enable Updates to Limited Release Software Installation
  1. On the Management menu select Locations > Location Groups.

Management Locations dropdown.png

  1. Add New Location Group Add New Location Group button.png or edit an existing one by selecting ViewView button.png​​​​​​​
  2. Click Software Update Options and enable Allow Locations to install Limited Release Software, then click Save


NOTE: Software Update Options is only displayed for End Users if software update policies is turned off.

Software Updates
  1. Check available software updates under Locations > Locations.

Management dropdown Locations Locations.png

  1. Select a recording device and click on Software Updates.

Locations Software Update.png

  1. Click Install to install an available Version.  
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