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Digital Zoom

NOTE: The following information is for Digital Zoom in Live and Search after connecting to a recorder via Web Connect (or the Apex Web Client). View Digital Zoom details here for the Cloud Video Player under the Video tab in OWS.

Digital zoom can be used in the Live screen or the Search screen.

It is available in the Web Client, Command Station Desktop Client and mobile app.

To zoom in Live and Search:

1. Click to select the desired Camera Tile.

2. Use the mouse’s scroll wheel to scroll up, zooming in.

3. Scroll down to zoom back out or use the Right-Click Menu to Reset Zoom per camera tile or Reset All Zoom.

NOTE: Layouts will save Digital Zoom settings.

Users can also hover over a camera panel to reveal options to control mechanical zoom, using the + and – buttons, and auto focus if applicable, using the AF button on supported models.

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