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Console Spot Monitor

The OWS Console Spot Monitor solution for Linux devices allows you to view live video from up to 4 cameras at one time locally, with no need to install additional software. Powered through the OWS local recording software or Apex, the Console Spot Monitor leverages the power of OpenEye Web Services (OWS) to apply both permissions to ensure the right individuals are getting the right access.

NOTE: Console Spot Monitor requires Apex Server Software version 2.6

Enable Console Spot Monitor

To enable Console Spot Monitor, go to Setup Options Gear.png > General Configuration > Spot Monitor.

Console Enable Spot Monitor.png

  1. Check Enable Spot Monitor.
  2. If more than one monitor is connected, choose which monitor will display spot monitor from the Select Monitor dropdown.
  3. Choose either 1 or 4 from the Grid Size dropdown.
  4. Select which cameras to display.
  5. Click Save.

NOTE: Sequencing and dewarping are not available in Console Spot Monitor.

NOTE: Default resolution for one stream is high, and quad view is low.

NOTE: Disabling the mouse cursor on the spot monitor is enabled by default.

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