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Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)

Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) is a Windows service running in the background that automatically checks for Critical Windows Security updates.

  • An OpenEye WSUS utility is included on the desktop of every recorder that will allow a user to enable the auto-update service if desired.
    • Users are still able to independently run Microsoft Windows Updates for any non-critical updates or receive updates based on Microsoft’s distribution schedule.
  • The WSUS service is configured to only receive Critical Security Updates. This ensures recorders are protected by the most recent security updates published by Microsoft.
    • Every security update is thoroughly tested at OpenEye to ensure compatibility with the Apex recording software.
  • Apex recorders communicate with the OpenEye WSUS server for the list of available security updates which are then automatically downloaded directly from Microsoft’s WSUS server. OpenEye’s WSUS server does not push the updates directly.
Release Schedule
  • The Microsoft release schedule for updates currently is the second Tuesday of each month.
  • The OpenEye engineering team tests updates for compatibility and will release the second Tuesday of the month, one month following Microsoft.
  • OpenEye reserves the right to release critical and security updates as needed regardless of the standard schedule.
How it works
  • The WSUS is scheduled to run a check once a day and if updates are available, it will auto-download and apply the updates.
  • Note that reboots are frequently required to complete the update process.
    • During the reboot process, video will not be recorded.
    • Users can change the reboot time as needed through the Microsoft Windows Update service. Changing the reboot time will not interfere with the update process.
    • Depending on how the recorder’s restart options are configured (auto-login, etc..), after the scheduled reboot the recorder will either boot to the desktop or to the Windows Login screen. The Apex server software will resume recording in both instances.
  • We suggest performing a monthly to bi-monthly check to determine if there are updates ready to install.
  • Users can manually click on Check for Updates but be aware that this will auto-download and auto-install the updates so be careful doing this.
  • Disabling the WSUS utility returns the recorder to the default Windows Updates settings (disabled).
  • OpenEye is providing the Windows Server Update Services in response to customer requests for a definitive resource for Windows Updates tested and approved for Windows Apex servers.
    • The decision to enable automatic updates should be governed by the security and software maintenance policies of the end-user company or service provider.
The following locations are required for OS and software updates:

For Windows Updates (WSUS)

  • (TCP 8531 only)

For Certificate Validation (required when installing/updating recorder server software):

  • (TCP 80 and 443)
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