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When connecting 3rd Party Cameras to an OpenEye NVR, there are a few things to check before ensuring video will stream properly.

The two biggest items are checking for ONVIF Profile S compliance, and H.264 Video Protocol.

That should get most cameras up and running. We do have articles on specific vendors and other settings needed to connect.





Some cameras may need ONVIF to be enabled specifically in the camera web interface. Double check camera manuals for ONVIF settings.

If everything seems to check out, but the camera is still not streaming into the NVR, a good check is testing RTSP.

Testing RTSP Streams with VLC

If you're able to pull the RTSP stream from the camera, you can manually add the camera to the recorder using RTSP.

How to add a camera as RTSP

We have a list of RTSP stream URLs from a large number of camera manufacturers to aid you in finding the correct one.

List of RTSP URLs

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