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Motorola Body Cameras

The OpenEye Web Services (OWS) open ecosystem allows for your security surveillance system to integrate with several third-party devices, including Motorola body cameras. Motorola provides wearable cameras that transmit live video at the press of a button. When connected to OWS, users can view live video and search for past events, listen and record local audio, and leverage OWS alert rules to receive alert notifications when recording initiates and motion is detected.

What you get:
  • View live video from the Motorola Body Camera in OWS
  • Record streaming video to your cloud-managed server and search for past events from any remote client
  • Record audio from the local body camera to review in the OWS clients (where audio is supported)
  • Receive an alert notification when the record button is pressed on the body camera based on a motion event
  • More easily respond to and review camera events
  • Provide a unified interface for operators to manage video for security including body camera footage
Integration Highlights
An end-to-end security solution

The integration between OWS and Motorola provides a more complete, end-to-end security solution. View live and search video, receive actionable alerts tied to video verification, all in one interface to allow you to better secure and support your business. 

Actionable intelligence

By configuring the motion alert in OWS, users receive an alert notification when an event or the record button is pressed. Provide more more actionable intelligence to those teams that depend on it.

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