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Adding a Motorola Body Camera to OWS

Adding a Motorola Body Camera to OWS
  1. Follow the instructions here through Step 3.
  2. In OnStream Settings in VideoManager, set Audio Codec to AAC.
  3. Click on the Setup (or gear icon) from Live or Search.
  4. Click on Cameras.
  5. Click on Add Cameras, then select Manual. Within the Add Cameras menu:
    1. Leave Username and Password blank (see notes below).
    2. Leave the protocol as ONVIF (default selection).
    3. Specify the IP address of the VideoManager host computer.
    4. Set the Port to 8101.
    5. Enter the desired Camera Name.
    6. Click Save.
  6. Click on the camera in the Cameras list.
  7. Select Live/Recording.
  8. Under Stream Configuration, select Edit.
    1. Disable the High Stream (Stream 2) and click Save.
  9. Select Audio.
    1. Select Record.
    2. Click Save.
Important Notes
  • When configuring OnStream, do NOT set a username or password; this does not appear to currently be ONVIF conformant and will not work with Apex Server Software or other ONVIF clients.
  • OpenEye tested the VB-400 and found that the 640x360 is the only resolution the VideoManager streams, even though it reports a maximum resolution of 1280x720.
  • If an error is encountered adding the device in Apex, do the following on the VideoManager computer:

    1. Open the Windows Firewall (search for Firewall from the start bar).

    2. Select Advanced Settings.

    3. Select Inbound Rules.

    4. Find any entries that start with 'VideoManager' (there should be 5-10) and right-click any without a green check box and select Enable. 

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