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OpenEye Camera Username and Password

Username and Password

*OpenEye IP cameras ship without a default password.

Username: admin

The admin user password can be set using the following methods:

  1. OpenEye recorders running Apex Server Software 2.1 or newer will automatically set a new unique password if:
  • Connected to an M-Series recorder with a built in PoE switch.
  • Connected to a network switch through the camera network port and selected then added in setup, if a new password has not already been set.

NOTE: You can set your Default Camera Password under the General Settings page within Setup > System Settings > General Settings. For instructions on defining your unique camera password, visit Default Camera Password.

  1. Connect to the camera directly through a Web Browser and follow the onscreen prompts.
  2. Use the Network Camera Manager (NCM) Utility.

NOTE: More on the NCM Software can be found at Network Camera Manager.

NOTE: Refer to your recorder manual or quick start guide for instruction on adding cameras.

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