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Cloud Camera Dome Quick Installation Guide

  • The camera must not be installed in a location that is exposed to heavy vibration or possible impacts.
  • The camera should be used in compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • Do not install the camera on an unstable mount or surface.
  • Do not disassemble the camera or perform maintenance when power is connected.
  • Before installation, the camera should be stored in a dry and ventilated environment.
  • Use only accessories that comply with the technical specifications of the camera.

CC51D5 Camera Line Drawing-01.png

Dome Camera

CC51D5 Mounting Template-01.png

Mounting Template

CC51D5 Screw-01.png



CC51D5 Screw Anchor Mount-01.png



Screw Anchor Mounts


CC51D5 Torx Tool.png



Torx Tool

CC51D5 Conduit Adapter.png



Conduit Adapter

CC51D5 QIG Step 1-01.png CC51D5 QIG Step 2-01.png
CC51D5 QIG Step 3-01.png CC51D5 QIG Step 4-02.png
CC51D5 QIG Step 5-02.png CC51D5 QIG Step 6-02.png
CC51D5 QIG Step 7-02.png CC51D5 QIG Step 7-02-01.png
CC51D5 QIG Step 8-02.png CC51D5 QIG Step 10-02.png
CC51D5 QIG Step 7.5-01-01.png CC51D5 QIG Step 7.5-02.png
CC51D5 QIG Step 12-02.png  


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