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OE-C8213 Hardware Manual - Features and Contents

Important Safeguards

View Important Safeguards before installing the camera.


View the Product Warranty for the camera.

Product Description

OpenEye OE-C8213 IP PTZ camera provides users with crystal clear video thanks to 3MP resolution and 30x optical zoom. The cameras’ continuous 360º rotation and 190º tilt range make them a versatile PTZ solution for live monitoring environments. True WDR and a true day/night IR cut filter produce superior video in a variety of lighting conditions. The Smart Compression option reduces storage requirements by up to 70% while maintaining high resolution video allowing you to meet video retention and resolution requirements for less. The OE-C8213 is IP66 rated and comes equipped with a sunshield, heater, and blowers to accommodate a variety of environmental conditions. The camera can be operated using PoE+ for easy, single cable installation.

All OpenEye cameras are fully ONVIF compliant and compatible with the OpenEye Web Services platform, allowing multiple users to view high quality images and perform setup through a remote web browser.

Camera Dimensions

C8213 Camera Line Drawing.jpg


C8213 Camera Connections.png

1 RJ-45 For network and PoE+ connections
2 Power Connector (AC24V) Power supply to camera for non-PoE installations
3 I/O Connections Alarm and RS 485 I/O connections
4 Reset Button

To restore the camera to factory defaults:

  1. Disconnect power for 30 seconds.
  2. Reconnect power and wait 30 seconds.
  3. Press the reset button with a proper tool for 20 seconds.
5 microSD Card Slot

Supports up to 128GB microSD card for Edge storage.

Do not add or remove the microSD card when the camera is powered on.

Dome Setup and Cable Connection

Before installing or connecting the dome camera, please refer to this section and complete preparations for dome setup and all switch settings.

Dome Cable Definition and Requirements

For operation, the IP dome camera requires a network cable to carry the video signals to the remote viewing site and a power cable to power the dome.

Cable Requirements

For operation, the OE-C8213 can be powered with PoE+ and/or 24vAC if the heater is used.

Power Wire Length Specifications

Wire Gauge Maximum Distance Wire Gauge Maximum Distance
22 27 feet 14 175 feet
20 44 feet 12 279 feet
18 69 feet 10 444 feet
16 110 feet    

NOTE: Ensure that the power supply corresponds with the dome's power requirement or the camera may be damaged. Contact a qualified maintenance engineer with any problems.

Network Cable Length Specifications

Cable Type Maximum Distance Wire Gauge Maximum Distance
CAT5 300 feet CAT6 300 feet
CAT5e 300 feet CAT6a 300 feet

NOTE: An Ethernet crossover cable can be used to connect the camera directly to a PC during configuration.

Camera Cabling Considerations

The OE-C8213 has an IP66 Outdoor rating to prevent water from entering the camera. However, proper installation is required for this rating. To ensure that the camera is as water resistant as possible, follow these tips:

  • Place all cables and the adapter in a dry and well-insulated environment, such as waterproof boxes. The purpose of the waterproof box is to prevent moisture accumulation inside the camera and moisture penetration into the cables.
  • While running cables, slightly bend the cables into a U-shaped curve to make a low point (as illustrated below). The purpose is to prevent water from entering the camera along the cables from above.

C8213 Camera Cabling.jpg 

To ensure a watertight seal, the cable entry hole of the outdoor mounting kit needs to be sealed with thread seal tape to avoid water from entering the camera.

C8213 Watertight Seal.png

Power Connection

This camera is compatible with 24vAC and Power over Ethernet (PoE+). Connect power to the camera using the provided power connector lead, or the terminal connector blocks. If you are connecting 24vAC power, verify the polarity of the power connection. If you are using PoE+, make sure the Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) is in use in the Network.

C8213 Power Connection.jpg

  1. Connect POSITIVE 24 volt AC power to pin 1.
  2. Connect ground wire to pin 2.
  3. Connect NEGATIVE 24 volt AC power to pin 3.

NOTE: Be careful not to pull the cables improperly during installation. Fasten the cables after installation is complete.

NOTE: The GND (ground) wire must be directly connected to the middle pin of the 24vAC power connector. Failure to connect the ground can cause damage and failure of the camera, and may void the warranty.

14-Pin Alarm Input/Output & RS-485 Connection

Using the 14-pin connector, installers can connect 4 digital alarm inputs and 2 digital alarm outputs. The alarm pins are serviceable for connecting alarm input and output devices such as sensors, sirens, or flashing lights to the surveillance system. For the definition of each pin, refer to the list below.

C8213 14-pin alarm array.png

1 -
2 -
3 Alarm OUT A1
4 Alarm OUT A2
5 Alarm OUT B1
6 Alarm OUT B2
7 RS-485 D+
8 RS-485 D-
9 Alarm IN 4
10 Alarm IN 3
11 Alarm IN 2
12 Alarm IN 1
13 Ground (Alarm I/O & RS-485)
14 -
  • 3MP (2048x1536) Maximum Resolution
  • 30 IPS
  • 4.3 – 129mm Focal Length (30x)
  • True Day/Night (IR Cut Filter)
  • True Wide Dynamic Range
  • Full PTZ Operation Over PoE+*
  • Relay / Sensor Connections
  • 1.5-inch standard threaded mount type
  • ONVIF Profile S Compliant
  • IP66 Outdoor Rating and Heater
  • Sunshield
Box Contents

OpenEye C8213 cameras come with screws and rubber washers, 3-Pin power terminal block, threaded mount adapter, 14-pin alarm I/O terminal block, and a torx tool. Identify the following components to make sure everything has been properly included with your new recorder. If any of the following items are missing, contact the dealer to arrange a replacement.

C8213 PTZ camera.jpg

OE-C8213 Camera


C8213 M4 Security Screw with rubber washer.jpg


M4 Screw with Rubber Washer

C8213 14 pin alarm_audio_io block.jpg

14-Pin Alarm I/O Terminal Block



torx tool.png


Torx Tool


C8213 3 pin power block.jpg

3-Pin Power Terminal Block

C8213 Threaded Mount Adapter.png

Threaded Mount Adapter

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