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OE-C3011D4-S Hardware Manual - Features and Contents

Important Safeguards 

View Important Safeguards before installing the camera.


View the Product Warranty for the camera.

Product Description

The OE-C3011D4-S is a 4MP indoor IP dome camera equipped with person, vehicle, and line crossing detection analytics. The 2.7~13.5mm varifocal, autofocus, zoom lens delivers crisp and clear images. True WDR and True Day/Night provide superior images in varied lighting environments. Adaptive IR technology prevents overexposure of objects close to the camera further enhancing the low light performance. Progressive Smart Compression reduces network throughput and storage requirements without impacting overall video quality and retention. Additional features include audio in/out, as well as sensor and relay connections supported by the enhanced remote monitoring capabilities of the OWS platform. The OE-C3011D4-S is compatible with a wide range of accessories allowing it to be mounted in a broad range of applications.

The OE-C3011D4-S is ONVIF™ profile S/G/T compliant and fully compatible with the OpenEye Web Services platform, allowing multiple users to concurrently view high quality images and perform remote setup using a Web browser.

Camera Dimensions

C3011D4-S Line Dimensions.png


C3011D4-S Reset and SD.pngC3011D4-S Mic Callout.png

1 RJ45 - For network and PoE connections
2 Power (12vDC) 1 12vDC + Power Connection
2 GND -
3 Reset Button -

To restore the camera to factory defaults:

  1. Disconnect power for 30 seconds.
  2. Reconnect power and wait 30 seconds.
  3. Press and hold the reset button for 20 seconds.
4 Alarm & Audio I/O 1 Alarm Out - Alarm connection
2 Alarm Out +
3 GND Ground connection
4 Alarm In Alarm connection
5 GND Ground connection
6 Audio In Two-way audio transmission
7 GND Ground connection
8 Audio Out Two-way audio transmission
5 microSD Card Slot -

Supports up to 512GB microSD card for Edge storage.

Do not add or remove the microSD card when the camera is powered on.

6 Built-in microphone
Power Connection

For an adequate power connection, use a 12vDC adaptor. Alternatively, you can power the camera by PoE if a Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) switch is available. Ensure that the camera’s power cable is correctly and firmly connected.

NOTE: OpenEye recommends against using more than one power source at a time. Do not use a PoE power source when providing the camera with 12vDC power.

If using Power over Ethernet (PoE), make sure Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) is in use in the network.

Product Features
  • Person, Vehicle, Line Crossing Detection Analytics
  • Internal Network Connection
  • Corridor Mode
  • NDAA Compliant
  • True WDR @ 4MP
  • Adaptive IR | up to 98' range
  • 2.7~13.5mm VF, AF, Zoom Lens
  • 4MP | up to 30FPS
  • Audio I/O
  • Alarm I/O
  • Optional Paintable Dome Cover (Free Upon Request)
  • Built-in microphone
Box Contents

OpenEye C3011D4-S cameras come with self-tapping screws and plastic anchors, mounting template, a tapered RJ45 sleeve, a torx tool, a #2 Phillips bit, 21mm cable grommets, 28mm cable grommets, and a 2-pin terminal block. Identify the following components to make sure everything has been properly included with your new recorder. If any of the following items are missing, contact the dealer to arrange a replacement.

C3011D4-S Line Drawing no Callout.png

OE-C3011D4 -S Turret Camera

Screws and Anchors.png

Self-Tapping Screws and Plastic Anchors x3

C1012D2-S mounting template.png

Mounting Template


RJ45 Sleeve.png

Tapered RJ45 Sleeve


torx tool.png

Torx Tool


Phillips Bit.png

#2 Phillips Bit



2x - 21mm Cable Grommet


2x - 28mm Cable Grommet

2-Pin Terminal Power Block.png

2-Pin Terminal Block

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