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Bounding Box

Bounding Boxes

Bounding boxes will appear around analytics detected objects. This is used to visualize analytic events. 

Camera Firmware Requirements

Bounding boxes can be removed on analytics-enabled OpenEye cameras on the latest firmware. See this guide for assistance with updating cameras: How Do I Update My Camera's Firmware?

Enable or Disable Bounding Boxes in Camera Settings
  1. Sign in to the camera.

  2. Click Setup at the top of the window next to Live View.

  3. Navigate to Streaming Settings on the left-hand side menu.

  4. As pictured below, find the Bounding Box option under the Sub Stream settings. Switch the radial to on or off.


Note: See this guide for assistance accessing the camera GUI through Camera Link.

Enable or Disable Bounding Boxes in Image Settings
  1. Log in to your OWS account and connect to a recorder through Web Connect.
  2. Go to Setup Setup Gear.png > Cameras and select the camera you want to configure from the Camera List.
  3. Click on the Image Settings tab.
  4. Click Edit to enable or disable the Bounding Box setting. 

Setup Camera Image Settings.png

Bounding Box Accuracy
  • Not every individual frame has a bounding box rendered, it is every other frame.
  • Bounding boxes on our cameras track objects better at 20FPS on the Sub Stream, vs the 10FPS that the camera is on by default.

Example at 20FPS:


Example at 10FPS:


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