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Orphaned Cameras

What are Orphaned Cameras?


Orphaned cameras are shown when camera footage exists on a recorder, but the camera profile is not present.

Why am I seeing Orphaned cameras?

Orphaned cameras most often show up after a recovery since the recorder has lost its camera profiles but likely has existing camera footage. Similarly, orphaned cameras can show up after a configuration file is pushed.

How do I pull footage from and Orphaned Camera?

To add an Orphaned camera, select the orphaned camera by clicking the checkbox to the left of the camera name. Hit the 'Add Orphaned Cameras' button. The camera profile will show up in the cameras page as disabled.


To access the footage of the camera, go to the search tab and select the camera. Disabled cameras will show up in the camera list under the search tab and any available footage from the camera will appear.

Can I readd an Orphaned Camera?

If the camera is still connected to the recorder and on the same IP, you can readd the camera to the recorder. First, the password and username will need to be reentered in the camera profile. Then, when the camera is reenabled, the camera will connect and begin to record.

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