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SightLogix Integration Instructions

Sightsensor HD Configuration
Adding a SightLogix SightSensor HD Camera to OpenEye Web Services

OpenEye Web Services (OWS) automatically detects installed cameras, but a camera has to first be associated with a recorder in order to send alerts.

To add an installed SightSensor HD camera to a recorder via OWS:

  1. Log in to OWS:
  2. In Web Connect, click Connect.

OWS Web Connect.png

  1. In Setup, Options Gear.png go to General Configuration > Cameras.
  2. Select Add Cameras.
  3. Check the box next to the SightLogix camera on the list of available cameras and click Add Selected Cameras.

SightLogix Setup Camera.png

  1. The SightLogix Camera will be available in the camera menu in the Live screen.

NOTE: Cameras can also be added manually by selecting Manually Add a Camera. Username, Password, Protocol, IP Address, Port and Camera Name are required to manually add a camera to the list.

Enabling Camera Side Motion Detection

Configure the SightLogix camera in the OWS Camera Setup page:

  1. Click on the SightLogix camera from the camera list.

SightLogix Camera List.png

  1. Click on the Motion tab and check the box for Use camera side motion detection.

SightLogix Motion Configuration Menu.png

  1. Click Save.

NOTE: You can use OWS to connect directly to a SightLogix camera by using CameraLink. This is accessible in the Motion, Live/Recording, and Image Settings tabs by clicking on Connect Directly to Camera. In the General tab, you can connect directly by clicking on the IP Address.

SightLogix Camera General menu.png

Configure Advanced Motion and Object Detection

SightLogix WebConfig.png

To configure advanced motion and object detection, log in to the SightLogix camera:

  1. Enter your SightLogix Username and Password and click Sign In.
  2. Select Policy from the left-hand menu.
  3. From the Zones tab in the Policy menu, select Add Zone. SightLogix Plus Sign.png

NOTE: A default Alarm rule for human detection line is automatically created and listed in the table, and a zone overlay box covers the entire image.

  1. Adjust the zone size using the drag points in the corners of the zone overlay.
  2. View added policies in the Rules tab to customize and review.

SightLogix Policy Zone Screen.png

NOTE: The Calibration page parameters must be set prior to setting any Policy page parameters.

NOTE: For more information on creating zone, refer to the SightLogix Webconfig Installation Guide:

Configure OWS Alert Rules for SightLogix Events

An alert rule must be associated with a detection zone. Alert rules are configured in OWS.

Create a Motion or Sensor Alert Rule
  1. Within the Alerts tab in the OWS Cloud Portal, select Alert Rules from the dropdown menu.

Alert Rules dropdown.png

  1. Click Add New Rule.

Add New Rule button.png

  1. Select a Motion Alert Type from the pop-up menu. 

SightLogix Create Motion Alert Rule.png

  1. Name the alert and provide a description.
  2. Click Create to Continue.

Alert Name and Description.png

  1. Define the schedule. For multiple schedules, click the Integration Add Icon.png to the right. If an intrusion panel has been configured with the recorder, select the desired Intrusion Area Armed status when this alert will trigger. If central station monitoring is being used, select a Send To option.
  2. Click Save.

SightLogix Rule Definition.png

Add Camera to Alert
  1. Select Cameras from the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on Add Camera.

SightLogix Add Camera to Motion Rule.png

  1. In Select Camera, add the SightLogix camera by selecting. Green Add button.png

SightLogix Select Camera.png

  1. When all cameras have been added to the rule, click Select.

SightLogix Select Camera Added.png

  1. The SightLogix camera appears on the Cameras screen as soon as it has been added. Select SightLogix Remove Camera X.png to remove any unwanted cameras.

SightLogix Cameras Tab.png

Add Group / User to Alert
  1. Click Users / Notifications on the left-hand menu.

SightLogix Alert UsersNotifications.png

  1. Add Group or Add User to include recipients to the alert.
  2. Select the method of delivery by checking the boxes for Email AlertPush Alert, or Client Alert.
  3. Click General Info in the left-hand menu to verify the Alert Name and Description.

SightLogix Alert General Info.png

Play and Export SightLogix Video Events
Access Alerts from the Customer Page

Alerts can be accessed from the customer account page.

SightLogix Alert History Filter.png

  1. From the Alerts tab, select Alert History.
  2. Click on Show Filters.
  3. Use the filters to view the alert rule linked to the SightLogix camera.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Click View to see the alert details.
View and Export Video

SightLogix Alert History Viewer.png

  1. Click on the video image to view the Timeline Search screen at the time of the event.
  2. On the Timeline Search, select Export to export the video to the OWS cloud or to a local machine.
Export Video
  1. In Search, click Export to share the video clip.

Export from Details button.png

  1. Choose Single Camera or Multi-Camera on the Export pop-up.

Video Player Export Type.png

  1. Choose the Date/Time, Video Quality, Video Resolution, Other Options, and click Next.

Video Clip Export Popup.png

  1. To export to the OWS Cloud Portal, select Export to Web Services and enter a Title and Description

     To export locally, select Export locally and enter the Filename.

Export to Web Services popup.png

  1. Click Export.

Once exported, users can view locally, or view, manage and share saved video clips directly from the OWS Cloud Portal.

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