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OpenEye and CHeKT Integration

OpenEye and CHeKT Integration

Apex Server Software is able to send events generated by macros directly to the CHeKT visual verification bridge hardware. This allows you to leverage the power of macros within the Apex Server Software to trigger recording and alarm events in the CHeKT ecosystem.

NOTE: This feature is available to OWS 24/7 Standard and Plus licensing tiers.

Adding a Camera to the CHeKT Bridge

NOTE: The CHeKT Bridge must be on the same network as the desired camera before performing these steps:

  1. Click the cogwheel on the desired CHeKT Bridge.


  1. Click the CHANNELS Tab and click the desired Input Sensor. The CHeKT Bridge will then scan the network and discover compatible IP cameras.


  1. Select the desired camera from the Discovered Devices list.


  1. Select ONVIF, enter the username and password of the camera, and click Authenticate.


  1. Confirm the video is from the correct camera and click Next.


  1. Enter a Description, and at the bottom under Alarm Source, select ONVIF Event Message, and click Finish.

NOTE: A Sensor Zone Number is only required if the selected sensor on the CHeKT Bridge is also connected to an alarm panel. Otherwise, you can enter any number or leave it blank.


  1. The CHeKT Bridge will then connect to the camera and go through a series of automated steps. You do not need to wait until this process is completed, you can just click Close.


Configuring the CHeKT Bridge to Receive Events

To send macro based events from Apex Server Software to the CHeKT Bridge, you must enable the Local API Service and configure an API Key via the CHeKT Dealer Portal. Here are the steps to configure the API service.

  1. Connect to your Dealer Portal in CHeKT.
  2. Access the configuration menu for the CHeKT Bridge that will receive the macro based events from Apex Server Software.


  1. Select the NETWORK tab.
  2. Click Disabled next to Local API Service to access the API Service menu.


  1. Click the option next to Enable API to enable the Local API Service.


  1. Scroll down to the API Keys and click Generate a new API Key. Make note of the API Key and the Port, as it will be needed in future steps.


Enabling CHeKT Integration in OWS
  1. Log in to OWS and access the End User account where you would like to use the CHeKT integration.
  2. Select Management, then Integrations.


  1. Click Add New Integration, then select CHeKT and click Next.

NOTE: If you do not see the CHeKT option, contact your OpenEye Sales Representative.

  1. Verify the Enable CHeKT Integration box is checked.


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