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Configuring Linux Recorders to Support CHeKT Bridge Internet Access

Using the CHeKT Bridge with a Linux Apex Recorder

A special update file is required for the CHeKT Bridge to connect out to the Internet and also to cameras connected to the PoE or Camera port on a Linux Apex Server Software system.

Apply the CHeKT Update to Your Linux Recorder: 
  1. Connect to the recorder through OWS or log in at the console.
  2. Click the Setup Setup Gear.png icon in the upper right menu bar.
  3. Under General Configuration, click System Settings.
  4. Select the Software Upgrade tab, and then click Show More Options.
  5. Select Specify URL.

Setup Software Upgrade Select Install Method.png

  1. Copy and past the following link into the Specify URL field:  
  2. Click Install.
  3. After the Update Complete window appears, click OK.
  4. Connect your CHeKT Video Verification Bridge to your recorder and wait a few minutes for it to connect.

    NOTE: When connecting your CHeKT Video Verification Bridge to a switch that is connected to the Camera port on the recorder, you must first assign a manual IP address to the bridge, subnet mask and gateway. Unless the IP on your camera network has been changed, use the following settings: IP Address, subnet mask, gateway
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