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DMP Integration Check List

Integration Checklist Download


Note: This information will need to be collected during any technical support call and should be readily available. Please download, and complete this checklist before reaching out to technical support. You can email this completed checklist to email or call our support line after the information is noted. 

Apex DMP Integration Setup Checklist

Setup Information
  • Apex DVR

    • Network info [IP Address, Subnet mask, Gateway]

    • Software Version

    • Connection Method [Discovery or Manual]

  • DMP Panel

    • Network info [IP Address, Subnet mask, Gateway]

    • Firmware Version

    • Integration method [Integrator Path or PC Log Reports (legacy method)]

    • NOTE: PC Log Reports integration method should be avoided.  We recommend updating panel firmware.

    • Inbound Port (Default 2001)

    • Outbound Port (Default 2001)

    • Account Number

    • Remote Key

Setup Checklist
Before Site visit
  • Ensure you have access to DMP dealer portal or Remote Link software to configure integration.

  • Ensure you have admin access to Apex recorder for setup.

  • We recommend completing any of the below item remotely via OWS and DMP cloud services if possible.

Action Items
  • Verify Apex is on latest version

  • Verify DMP panel is on latest version

  • Obtain IP address of Apex recorder and note above

  • Obtain IP address of DMP panel and note above

  • Verify IP address of Apex recorder has been added to DMP panel “Integration IP” (or PC Log reports if using legacy connection)

  • Verify IP address of DMP panel in Apex shows correct IP address

  • Verify ports are correct.

  • Verify Remote Key has been entered into Apex setup.

  • Verify Account Number has been entered into Apex setup.

  • Apex integration with DMP panels requires two separate connection routes.  Apex to DMP and DMP to Apex.

  • It is very common for the Apex to DMP route to work, but the route for DMP to Apex fails.  This will result in receiving Area and Zone data, but no events.

  • We recommend using the Apex auto discovery method for adding DMP panels.  This ensures both communication routes are working.

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