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Alert Regions

Maximize your surveillance system's efficiency with our Alert Regions feature. The Alert Regions tool allows for the customization of alert settings to accommodate onboard analytics, providing the ability to configure as many as three unique regions for each analytic type on a per-camera basis. By doing so, you can enhance the monitoring of complex scenes, ensuring precise and tailored alert responsiveness for your security needs.
Region Options

+ - Add a new Loitering or Intrusion Detected region for the same camera. Added regions appear as a new numbered tab above the viewing pane. Adding different regions allows you to create customized events for specific areas of interest.

- Remove Region - Remove an added region.

NOTE: When creating an analytic alert, check Enable Alert Regions and then check the corresponding regions you want to generate alerts.

Select – Allows detection grids to be moved.
Select All – Draws a full detection grid over the image.
Add Area – Draw individual detection grids.
Remove Area – Allows removal of detection grid areas within a grid.
Clear All – Reset all customized options back to original camera default settings.

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