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OE-C8103 Stuck in B/W Mode

For the OE-C8103 PTZ camera, night mode may not switch to daytime, leaving the camera in a Black/White mode. Use the following instructions and link to resolve this.
  1. Ensure the OE-C8103 is on the last approved firmware.  You can view the latest camera firmware versions here.
    1.  Please ensure that this is installed on the camera before proceeding. (Click on the following link if you need assistance with applying camera firmware: How Do I Update My Camera's Firmware?)
  2. Please download the main.bin and switch.bin files from the current camera firmware that was installed in step 1. 
  3. Unzip the main_+_switch_files to your desktop.
  4. Apply the main.bin and switch.bin update files.

NOTE: The main.bin file MUST be updated first. Updating in the wrong order will result in the process failing.


To apply these files:   

Access the camera and navigate into Advanced > Software item in the menu

  1. Click on Step 1: Choose File and select the main.bin file,
  2. Click on Step 2: Choose main.bin. 
  3. Click on Step 3: Upgrade button.  
  4. Once the main.bin upgrade is complete, we will need to upgrade the switch.bin file.
  5. Click on Step 1: Choose File and select the switch.bin file,
  6. Click on Step 2: Choose switch.bin. 
  7. Click on Step 3: Upgrade button. 

After completing the upgrade to the firmware, main and switch files, we will want to perform a Partial Restore of the camera.


  1. Access the camera and navigate into the Maintenance item in the menu.
  2. Select Partial Restore, this will preserve the network information for this camera.
  3. Reconfigure the camera to previous specifications.  
  4. This camera will not be in color.
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