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What does "Motion detection stream resolution over recommended specification" mean


What does this mean

This is a warning notification only and does not mean there are any issues recording video from the camera. This message occurs when we don't have a low enough resolution low stream configured on the camera while doing server side motion detection (the default setting for motion detection). This can also occur if we do not have a low stream configured at all and the only available stream exceeds the recommended resolution. Apex's server side motion detection uses the low stream to look for motion, the higher the resolution of the low stream, the more processing power and resources are used to look for motion in that stream. For best performance we recommend having a low stream configured with a resolution between 960x576 and 320x240.

 Screenshot 2023-06-13 151914.png

How to resolve

To remedy this notification we recommend having a low stream between 960x576 and 320x240. You do not need to record this stream and can instead set the continuous recording stream drop down on the live/recording tab to the high stream. This way you can record high resolution and see motion event data on the timeline bar while still having a low stream for best performance.



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