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Cleaning Camera Ethernet Connectors

If your camera's ethernet connector or dongle is dirty, it may impact the performance of your camera. If the connections are dirty, they may not transfer data as efficiently and create issues with the network connection of your camera. Please make sure you are always using the included weatherproof IP66 connector to protect your ports as best as possible.

Cleaning Camera Ethernet Connections

To clean these dongles, you will want to use 91% isopropyl alcohol and some cotton swabs. Add some alcohol to the end of your cotton swab, then move the cotton swab backward across the pins or walls to pull any debris out. Try not to spin the cotton swab or move it left to right within the connector, as you run the chance of damaging the connector pins on the inside. Once you have cleaned the camera dongle efficiently enough, let it dry for at least 15 minutes to make sure no moisture is left on the connector before attempting to reconnect the camera.


(Dirty dongle that requires cleaning)


(Cleaning the dongle)

Damaged Connectors

Some camera dongles may be too corroded or damaged to be restored. If your dongle is missing connection pins or the pins are bent, you will likely be unable to successfully connect to the camera over the network. Please make sure to always use the included IP66 connectors to help prevent damage like this from occurring to your camera.



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