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Android Mobile App

The OpenEye Android Mobile App is available for easy, hassle-free, remote access to your OpenEye surveillance system. After downloading the OpenEye Android Mobile App on Google Play, sign in with your OWS account for on-the-go access to view live and recorded video, talk-down with 2-way audio and export video clips to the cloud.
Live and Search Screens

Android Live Screen.png Android Search Screen.png

Viewing Pane – Displays Live screen views of cameras within the Grid selection, view settings, and stream settings.

NOTE: The order of cameras can not be changed within the app. Edit Sort Order has more details on changing camera arrangements.

Camera Tile – View live video from a specific camera in each individual tile.

Live  Transition from the Recorded screen to the Live screen.

Recorders – View the list of available recorders, including Web Services Devices and Local Devices.

Playback Speed  Control the speed of video playback.

Expanded Menu Controls  The expanded menu displays the stream quality icon, export icon and grid icon.

Search Playback Controls

Android Timeline Search.png

Skip Backward  Move to the previous frame of recorded video.

Play Backward  Play recorded video backward.

Pause / Stop  Freeze recorded video. 

Play Forward  Play recorded video forward.

Skip Forward  Move to the next frame of recorded video.

Playback Speed – Control the speed of video playback.

Expanded Menu Controls

Android Expanded Menu.png

Select Stream Quality  Specify the stream quality for cameras in the Viewing Pane.

Export  You can export a video clip to your OWS cloud account directly from your Android mobile device. The video clip will appear in your Web Services Account after the export has been complete. 

Grid  Specify a screen grid to view live video from cameras in the Viewing Pane.

PTZ Controls

Android PTZ Controls.png

PTZ Controls - Move the camera view by using touch controls on the camera tile.

Audio / Two-Way Audio – Where supported, enable Audio or Two-Way Audio for cameras with speaker and microphone.

PTZ Presets – Where supported, preset your PTZ controls. 

Home - Return to default camera view.

PTZ Controls – In the Live Viewing Pane, PTZ controls allow you to pan and tilt the camera's view as well as zoom in or out using the touch screen. Use one finger to drag the camera view in the direction desired and two fingers to zoom. 

Digital Zoom – By expanding or pinching two fingers on Camera Tile, the user can zoom in on a live or recorded video for detailed viewing.

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