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How to use Apex PTZ in the Web Browser

The PTZ view mode allows you to control PTZ cameras using the mouse.


  1. In the Live Screen, click PTZ.
  2. Using your mouse, click and drag to reposition the camera as desired.
  3. Using your mouse wheel, zoom in or out as desired.
  4. When you have finished positioning the camera, click the PTZ button again to return to normal mouse function.
The PTZ controls on the left-hand pane allows you to control PTZ using push commands. 


  1. Click on the arrows to reposition the camera as desired. 
  2. Click on the zoom in and out buttons to zoom in or out as desired.
  3. You can select your desired preset previously setup within the camera settings.

NOTE: PTZ for the individual cameras must be enabled in Apex setup under Cameras and General. 


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