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Activating a Relay from the Live Viewing Pane

Enable in Apex

Compatible cameras with an associated relay can be remotely activated from a Live Viewing Pane.

To active a relay in Command Station, first enable it in Apex.

Enable Relays in Apex.png

  1. In Apex, go to Setup > General Configuration > Sensor / Relay > Relays to enable Relays.
  2. Check Enable next to the relays. Relays can also be renamed under Relay Name.
  3. Click Save.
Activate in Command Station

Once a Relay has been enabled in Apex, it can be activated from the right click menu in Command Station.

Activate Relay Drop Down.png

  1. Right click in a camera viewing pane.
  2. Select Activate Relay.
  3. Choose the relay from the available list of enabled relays.
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