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Command Station Desktop Client Automation for Installation

How to configure flags for automating installation of Command Station

The Command Station Desktop Client supports several flags for automating installation.

  • -q, -quiet, -s, -silent, and /zeula=accept
    Each of these options are used for installing Command Station without a visible indication to the local user
  • -uninstall

Available in Command Station version 2.5:

  • /password=
    This option sets the local Administrator password for Command Station. This will not override the current Administrator password, if one is already set.

NOTE: Without this function, the first launch of Command Station on each PC will prompt the operator to interactively s(*b)et the software’s local admin password. This is not expected to be needed again for normal use if OWS or SSO based authentication will be implemented.

NOTE: The order of flags does not matter when used.

EXAMPLE: The command “path_to_file\Command_Station_x64_2.3.3.12.exe /password=12345 -s” would install Command Station without any visual indication to the user and would set the administrator password to 12345.

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