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Why is the Light on the Front Panel on my Recorder Red?

Understanding the front panel light on OpenEye recorders

White - The recorder is running normally.

Red - The recorder is experiencing a critical error. 

What does it mean if the front panel is red?
If the recorder can boot
  • The LED cable could be damaged.

  • LEDs are going bad.

  • CMOS battery is bad.

If the recorder cannot boot
  • The issue could be the motherboard.

  • The recorder is stuck in the bootup process.

  • CMOS battery is bad.

What to do if the front panel is red?

Replace the CMOS battery. How to Replace a CMOS Battery

If you are not comfortable with replacing the CMOS battery, or if there is other hardware fault, a repair RMA can be setup. RMA Billing, Types, and Processing Portal

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