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Axis Joystick and Keyboard

Axis Joystick Controls
  • pan - move the joystick left and right
  • tilt - move the joystick up and down
  • zoom in - twist the joystick clockwise
  • zoom out - twist the joystick counterclockwise
  • flip camera 180 degrees - press J1 to flip selected camera
  • move camera to home position - press J4 to return camera to home position
  • move to previous camera - press L to move to camera with next lower ID number
  • move to next camera - press R to move to camera with next higher ID number

AXIS Joystick.png

NOTE: The joystick controls and variable. The amount of pressure applied in any direction determines the speed of the pan, tilt and zoom.

AXIS Keypad.png 

  1. USB Port
  2. Keyboard
  3. USB Port

The Video Management Software uses the  AXIS View Button.png  AXIS Camera Button.png AXIS Tab Button.png AXIS F1 Button.png keys with the number keys (0-9):

  • View - AXIS View Button.png selects cameras in grid view
  • Camera - AXIS Camera Button.png go to preset
  • Tab - AXIS Tab Button.png go to all PTZ presets
  • F1 - AXIS F1 Button.png clears input
AXIS Button Controls
  • set preset - move a camera to a desired position, hold the camera button, press a number key, then release the camera button
  • go to preset - click on a camera, type in an assigned number and select camera
  • go to all PTZ cameras - type in an assigned number and select tab to move all cameras with that preset number on a recorder
  • go to camera - press a number and press Alt to display a camera with that number ID
  • switch between grid and fullscreen - press view to switch view on currently selected camera
  • select a camera in grid view - type camera ID and press view to select camera
  • view single camera tile - type camera ID and select view button to change camera from a grid view to a single camera tile -OR- type a camera ID, select view to view camera not currently in grid view in a single camera tile
  • clear input - press F1 to clear an entered number
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