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OE-ME Hardware Manual - Features and Contents - Discontinued

Important Safeguards


Product Description

Controls and Connections


Box Contents

Recorder Installation

Important Safeguards

View Important Safeguards before installing the recorder.


View the Product Warranty for the recorder.

Product Description

OpenEye ME model cloud managed recorders are turn-key appliances designed for hassle-free installation. ME model recorders come equipped with an integrated PoE switch for connecting IP cameras directly to the recorder and come preloaded with OpenEye’s powerful Apex recording software.

All OpenEye M-Series recorders are designed for deployment with OpenEye Web Services, allowing centralized administration of users, permissions, and system settings. These recorders also utilize OpenEye’s Web Connect technology for single sign-on, roaming profiles, and automated internet connectivity.

Controls and Connections
ME-Series Front Panel

OE-ME Front Panel w Callouts.png

ME-Series Rear Panel (8 Channel)

OE-ME Back Panel 8 Channel.png

ME-Series Rear Panel (16 Channel)

OE-ME Back Panel 16 Channel.png


OpenEye ME-Series recorders include the following features:

  • Fully integrated with OpenEye Web Services (OWS)
  • Complete remote operation and administration with Web Connect
  • Record up to 16 channels of IP video per server
  • Up to 20TB on-board storage
  • Online User Management via OWS
  • Cloud video export and sharing
  • Cloud-based health monitoring and reporting with real time alerts
  • Remote software updates with no need to be on-site
  • Preloaded with Apex Embark or Traverse
  • Advanced cyber security including multi-factor authentication for remote access
  • Support for all major Windows and Mac browsers with no plug-ins to install
  • Mobile apps available for Android and iOS
Box Contents

OpenEye OE-ME Apex recorders come with a power cord, and a mouse. Identify the following components to make sure everything has been properly included with your new recorder. If any of the following items are missing, contact the dealer to arrange a replacement.


OE-ME Contents Recorder.png

OE-ME Recorder

OE-ME Contents Power Cord.jpg

Power Cord

ME Contents Mouse.png


OE-ME Contents Alarm IO Block.png

Alarm I / O Block

OE-ME Contents Rack Mount Installation Kit.png

Rack Mount Installation Kit


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