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Hardware Manual - Features and Contents

Important Safeguards

View Important Safeguards before installing the camera.


View the Product Warranty for the camera.

Product Description

Leading the way in OpenEye's new cloud camera lineup, the OE-CC51D5 dome camera is the first camera to deliver an all-in-one video solution with onboard recording and advanced analytics processing, providing all the benefits of OpenEye Web Services (OWS) in a flexible, serverless architecture.

The 5 MP cloud camera allows infinite scalability with every camera added to a location bringing its own storage and processing power, letting you seamlessly scale over time with no limitations on channel count or system resources. Locations with existing recorders can also add cloud cameras to expand storage or analytics capabilities, making OWS one of the most flexible deployment architectures on the market.

Reduce the burden on IT and operations with automatic software updates that ensure your cloud cameras always have the latest features and cybersecurity patches. Powered by the full capabilities of OWS, cloud cameras support health monitoring, real-time alerting, priority event cloud recording, centralized management, and the latest analytics technology.

Capturing every detail with precision, the OE-CC51D5 is equipped with a 5MP lens, ensuring crisp, clear, and high-resolution footage every time, giving you a clearer perspective on security. High Dynamic Range functionality allows the camera to adapt to changing lighting conditions throughout the day to ensure high-quality images. Cased in a rugged IP67 and IK10-rated housing, this camera is well suited for installation in high-traffic areas where its large size provides a strong visual deterrent. This cloud camera includes Alarm & Audio I/O, enhancing security measures and enabling immediate alerts and responses to potential threats while ensuring seamless audio communication. Additionally, with NDAA compliance, this camera adheres to rigorous standards, establishing them as trusted assets in your security infrastructure.

OpenEye's 5MP cloud cameras offer the complete package with onboard recording, AI-based analytics, and the cloud connection to OWS to help you secure and scale smart environments.

Camera Dimensions

CC51D5 Dome Camera Line Drawing Dimensions.png


OE-CC51D5 Alarm IO Line Drawing no table reset button-01.png 

# Name
1 12vDC
2 12vDC (Ground)
3 N/C
4 N/C
5 DO-
6 DO+
7 DI1+
8 DI1-
9 DI2+
10 DI2-
Reset Button

The reset button performs one of three actions depending on how long it is held:

Reboot: Hold reset button for 5 seconds to reboot.

  • Status LEDs will be solid red during the reboot.

Partial Reset:  This option will retain Web Services account information and Network Settings while reverting all other settings to factory defaults.

  • Hold reset button for 20 seconds to complete a Partial Reset.
  • Status LEDs rapidly flash red and green when the camera is being restored to factory defaults.

Full Factory Reset: This option will reset the camera to factory defaults and format the internal storage.

  • Hold reset button for 30 seconds to restore camera to factory defaults.
  • Status LEDs rapidly flash red when the camera is being reset to factory defaults.
Power Connection

For an adequate power connection, use a 12vDC or 24vAC adaptor. Alternatively, you can power the camera by PoE+ using the PoE power injector provided with the camera, or if a Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) switch is available.

NOTE: OpenEye recommends against using more than one power source at a time.


To prepare the camera for wall of ceiling installation with accessories, see instructions on the Quick Installation Guide.

  • 5MP 2.7~13.5mm VF Zoom Lens
  • Onboard Recording
  • Integrated Analytics
  • Automated Updates
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • Adaptive IR | Up to 164'
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • IK10 Impact Rating
  • IP67 Ingress Rating
  • Smart Compression
  • Alarm and Audio I/O
  • NDAA Compliant
Box Contents

OpenEye CC51D5 cameras come with a mounting template, screws, screw anchor mounts, torx tool, and waterproofing kit. Identify the following components to make sure everything has been properly included with your new recorder. If any of the following items are missing, contact the dealer to arrange a replacement.

CC51D5 Camera Line Drawing-01.png

Dome Camera

CC51D5 Mounting Template-01.png

Mounting Template

CC51D5 Screw-01.png



CC51D5 Screw Anchor Mount-01.png



Screw Anchor Mounts


CC51D5 Torx Tool.png



Torx Tool

CC51D5 Conduit Adapter.png



Conduit Adapter

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