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AXIS License Plate Recognition (LPR) Minimum Requirements and Compatible Models

AXIS LPR Minimum Requirements
  • AXIS AXIS P3265-LVE-3 License Plate Verifier Kit
    • Camera Firmware: 10.12.104
    • AXIS License Plate Verifier App: v2.4-0

See AXIS License Plate Verifier Kit for more information on requirements and updates. 

AXIS LPR Compatible Models
Fixed Box Cameras
AXIS P1375-E Network Camera AXIS P1378-LE Network Camera AXIS Q1656-DLE Radar-Video Fusion Camera
AXIS P1377-LE Network Camera AXIS Q1615 Mk III Network Camera AXIS Q1656-LE Box Camera
Fixed Bullet Cameras
AXIS P1455-LE Network Camera AXIS P1468-LE Bullet Camera AXIS Q1786-LE Network Camera
AXIS P1465-LE Bullet Camera AXIS Q1700-LE License Plate Camera AXIS Q1798-LE Network Camera
AXIS P1467-LE Bullet Camera AXIS Q1785-LE Network Camera  
Fixed Dome Cameras
AXIS P3255-LVE Dome Camera AXIS P3268-LVE Dome Camera AXIS Q3538-SLVE Dome Camera
AXIS P3265-LVE Dome Camera AXIS Q3536-LVE Dome Camera  
AXIS P3267-LVE Dome Camera AXIS Q3538-LVE Dome Camera  

See AXIS Compatible Products for more information.

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